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1. Grain selection

Rice varieties can be distinguished by its size, shape, color and aroma. There are different qualities of rice and the expertise of our procurement team is indispensable for guaranteeing the quality. We work in strong partnership with our suppliers and purchase as much as possible direct from the source without intermediary parties like brokers and traders.

2. Quality control

Samples are systematically taken from each lot, before and after shipping. We use independent specialized laboratories to ensure that the origin and quality of the rice complies with our strict specifications, regulations and relevant legislation.

3. Transport from origin

The husked rice is shipped in containers to Europe and is mainly transported to our production sites by road transport. Transportation costs are high compared with the value of the product. Being located only 15 minutes away from the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s number 1 commercial port, offers a real competitive advantage.

4. Unloading and cleaning

After unloading, the brown rice (also called cargo or husked rice) is cleaned by sifting out stones, dirt and dust, before being processed in our mill.

5. Whitening

If not sold as brown rice, the cargo rice will undergo a milling process. Rice milling is an abrasive action which removes the bran layer surrounding the rice grain.

6. Polishing

Once whitened, the rice grains will be double polished, again by friction, in order to give them the color and brightness that appeals to consumers. Rice grains are fragile and can easily break during the whitening and polishing process.

7. Grading and color sorting

After milling and polishing, the rice grains pass through a number of control and critical control points. Sieves sieve out various potential foreign bodies. De-stoners remove all objects weighing more than a rice grain. Size graders remove broken grains. Sortex machines sort out discolored grains. Broken grains are either added to the final product again or are used for the production of rice flour. Finally magnets and metal detectors/X-rays detect and remove all ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel.

8. Packaging

Each form of packaging is developed by our own specialized staff meeting our customers’ requirements, while optimizing costs and solving potential production, transport and storage constraints. All our rice products are packed according to its origin and customer specification. We are able to offer all types of packaging from 250 gram to 20 kg and even big bags of 1000 kg. In cardboard boxes as well as plastic and paper bags. Each packing line is equipped with machines guaranteeing continuous quality control and traceability of finished products.

9. Ready-to-eat rice

Besides standard dry rice, we can also offer a wide range of ready-to-eat, sterilized rice products. These products are produced in a state of the art facility in France. We can offer pre-cooked rice products in both microwaveable pouches and cups. The products offer excellent convenience to the consumer as they can be easily prepared in less than 2 minutes in a microwave or in just over 3 minutes in a wok or pan.
We can offer pre-cooked rice in many different varieties, ranging from just plain long grain rice to flavored recipes like Basmati Pilau and Mediterranean long grain rice and complete meal solutions like egg fried and mushroom risotto rice. We can quickly and satisfactory develop tailor-made recipes upon request and have these introduced on the shelves within the shortest possible lead times.

10. Supplying customers

We have the proven skills and experience in supplying rice and rice flour products to the major European retailers, foodservice operators, cash and carries and industrial partners. We understand the complex supply chain requirements of our customers and make use of the most modern systems and cost efficient supply chain solutions. We have excellent delivery performance records, we offer EDI solutions and provide automatic SSCC labeling on the pallets leaving our premises. We work with leading logistics service providers and are able to manage your inventory and replenishment.

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