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Rice is, like all grains, a source of vitamins and a grass type. Rice varieties can be distinguished by size, shape, color and aroma.
Rice is an important carbohydrate. More than two-third of the world's population rely on rice for its numerous nutritional benefits. It’s an important energy source for the human body and mind worldwide.

Rice is:
- A good energy source
- Low Fat-Low Salt (no cholesterolminerals, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, iron, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber)
- Gluten free: dietary requirement
- No additives and preservatives (healthy and balanced diet)
- Contains resistant starch: starch encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, keeping the bowel healthy.

The name of rice: Oryza Sativa

The name Orissa (Odisa), a state on the eastern coast of India, is derived from its ancient name Odra Desa. The name Odra Desa means “a land of cultivators”. The cultivator class in Orissa was broadly divided into two castes, the Odas and the Chasas. The former is the title of those who lived or came from hilly country... and the Chas is the ordinary designation of the native Khandaits in Orissa, where it would be no distinction to call a man Uriya. The world Chasa has the generic meaning of cultivator.

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