Build our future respecting what surrounds us

Our way of working

We believe it is our daily challenge to improve the insight, predictability and visibility of the global value chain, whilst simultaneously decreasing cost and identifying together with our customers how we can optimize long term partnerships based on trust and respect.

We continously focus on consumer trends, customer requirements and global markets. We carefully select our sourcing partners.

Partnership with us will result in improved direct product profitability and more dynamics within your category.

The people behind rice

Our principles & values are based on the cross cultural world of rice:
✔ respect for mankind in all aspects, respect for diversity, the primary source for our innovative and adaptable abilities, respect for the given word that we consider as the basis of commitment of all our colleagues and the confidence of our partners.
✔ the spirit of adventure which leads our companies: we strive each day to take on new risks, break new ground, develop in all areas in order to establish together a fascinating human adventure.
✔ solidarity that leads our teams on a daily basis: the objective to excel and every day commitment to improve our products and services.

The planet

At VSR we share a strong commitment to protect our environment and minimize impact across the business.
Today's consumers are increasingly aware of health, social and environmental issues.
While they want food that look, smell and taste good, they also want food produced in a responsible way.
As a company we believe that we can only have a successful future if we make sure that we respect what surrounds us, not only today but also tomorrow.
It is our aim to produce our products in a responsible way to people and environment. We would like to support our customers in meeting their objectives by offering sustainable product alternatives and solutions (a.o. ECO, Organic, Fairtrade, CO2 compensated, sustainable packaging material).

The planet

Our rice is mostly transported by means of ocean vessels and arrives by road at our mill in Papendrecht, not far away from the port of Rotterdam. The location in Papendrecht was mainly chosen because of its close proximity to the Port of Rotterdam, one of the world’s largest ports. Ocean vessels are particularly energy efficient and a low CO2 emitting way of transport.

Essentially our business is milling the world’s finest rice. Rice milling consists of gently rubbing away the hulls and outer bran layers of each rice grain. Everything is used. The woody outer hulls are often used as a renewable source of energy in the countries of origin; the rice bran is a nutritious ingredient used in animal feed and, although we try not to break any precious grains, the broken grains are actually sold as broken rice or used as raw material in rice flour production, so waste is very limited.


International Rice Research Institute
IRRI, or the International Rice Research Institute, is a nonprofit independent research and training organization.
IRRI develops new rice varieties and rice crop management techniques that help rice farmers improve the yield and quality of their rice in an environmentally sustainable way.
Visit the IRRI website >>

UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized.
Visit the UNICEF website >>

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations leads international efforts to defeat hunger. Serving both developed and developing countries, FAO acts as a neutral forum where all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policy.
Visit the FAO website >>
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